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These policies are a part of our regiration packet.  To hand-in please download the packet here!

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______ Registration fee: A non- refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration in the amount of $40 per dancer or $100 per family. 

______ Tuition: Tuition is due at the time of the first class of the month. 
All dance families are required to have a credit card on file with Dance Dynamics, Inc.  
1- Auto Pay Option with a credit card on file.  We will charge the card for the fees due between the 1st and 5th of the month.  (this will include, tuition, ½ costumes in October, ½ costumes in November and recital fee in February)
2- Card on File Option.  You may bring cash, check, or card to the office to pay the bill before the 14th of the month.  However, if the bill has not been paid in full by the 15th, we will charge the card on file for the remainder balance on the 15th or the first following work day.
IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RECITAL, it will be crucial that you speak or email with Mr. David to ensure that your card is charged for the correct amount.

______ Class Time:  Each class is guaranteed 30 sessions per season of September through May.  Tuition is not discounted for classes missed, nor for holidays or inclement weather.  There is no additional charge for five-week months as there is no discount for 3 week months so long as the season includes 30 class sessions.

______ Make-Up Classes: Pro-rating is NOT AVAILABLE during the season but make-up classes are available September - March.

______ Dropping Class: In order to drop or discontinue a class, you must notify the studio office prior to the first of the month.  Tuition is expected in full unless official notification is made before the first.

______ Returned Check Fee: A $20.00 fee will be charged for checks returned by the bank.

______ Observers: Observers are not allowed in class without prior approval from the instructor.  We have two open observation weeks, one in December and one in the spring.  Windows are available into each studio for parents to observe their child if necessary.  Instructors are not responsible for students before or after class.  If you plan to leave your child at the studio to change their own shoes between classes, please make sure that the INSTRUCTOR, not the office, is notified and PLACE THEIR DANCE BAG INSIDE the classroom.  Please do not interrupt class time unless you have an emergency.

______ Recital: Participation in the recital is optional.  If you choose to participate you agree to the following non-refundable fees.
Costume fees per class & per student are based on age and due before December 1st.
Costume fees are charged 1/2 in October and 1/2 in November.  Ages 2.5-3: $68. 
Ages 3-4: $68 each or $78 for ballet/tap combo.  Ages 5 & up: $78 each.
Recital fee of $55 per family due February 1st (includes 4 tickets).

______ Recital Dates: If I (or my child) choose to participate in the recital, I understand that the recital is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend in May.  During the month of October the actual recital time assignments will be posted to allow me time to make my decision.  ALL CLASSES PERFORM ON SATURDAY, MAY 27.

______ Liability of Dance Dynamics, Inc.:
(a) Dance Dynamics, Inc. is not and shall not be responsible for injuries received by any student of Dance Dynamics, Inc. while attending class or while on the premises unless such injuries result from negligence of the owners or staff of Dance Dynamics, Inc., which negligence is the sole and proximate cause of such injuries.
(b) Dance Dynamics, Inc. shall be responsible for students only while they are in the classroom.  Parents of small children are required to be at the premises when their child’s class dismisses.  Dance Dynamics, Inc. specifically is not responsible for older dance students who may choose to leave the premises during or following their class.

______ Picture & Video Release: Pictures & Videos taken of the dancers at Dance Dynamics, Inc. or related events may be used on the Dance Dynamics, Inc. website or posted at the dance studio.  Pictures may also be used on flyers and brochures to advertise for Dance Dynamics, Inc.

______ Tights: Ballet/ Ballet & Tap/ Acro: All students are required to wear tights and a leotard for ballet, acro and combination classes.  Dancers may wear a ballet skirt but not shorts for ballet classes.All other classes: All students must have their legs covered either with tights or dance pants or capris for jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical and modern.  NO BARE LEGS ALLOWED! Shorts are acceptable but only with tights or covering to the knee. This policy is not only for the benefit and health of the dancer and the instructor, but the cleanliness of the studio.  PLEASE NOTE: A student will be given one warning and then he/she will not be allowed to dance if they forget their dance clothes.



BALLET - A child must be 3 years old by September 1 to begin studying ballet.

JAZZ - A child must be 5 years old by September 1 (or enrolled in Kindergarten) to begin studying jazz.

TAP - A child must be 3 years old by September 1 to begin studying tap.

HIP HOP - A child must be 5 years old by September 1 (or enrolled in Kindergarten) to begin studying hip hop.

CREATIVE BALLET - A child should be 2.5 years old to begin creative ballet class.  Dancer must be potty trained.

LYRICAL - A child must be 8 years old by September 1 and must have completed two current years of either ballet or jazz to begin studying lyrical.

MODERN - A dancer must be enrolled in middle or high school to begin studying modern.

ACRO-DANCE - A dancer must be 5 years old (or enrolled in kindergarten) to begin studying Acro-dance.

TINY TUMBLERS - Dancer must be 2 by September 1 to begin Tiny Tumblers.

All girls must wear a leotard or dance top that ends below the hips. All boys must wear a tee-shirt and pants that cover the knee. In Ballet girls must wear a leotard and tights. However, in all other classes girls may opt out of tights by wearing: jazz pants, leggings that cover the knee, fitted shorts with tights (no zipper or pockets please).

Ballet: Pink slippers (boys wear black slippers)

Jazz and Lyrical: Tan slip-on Jazz shoes (boys and members of the DDC, wear black slip-on jazz shoes)

Tap: Tan flat tap shoes (boys may wear black flat tap shoes)

Acro, Tumbling,  Modern: barefoot

Hip Hop: Sneakers (with clean tread)

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