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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do our students have to wear tights?
All students are required to wear tights for ballet and combo classes. All students must have their legs covered with either tights, dance pants or capri pants for jazz, tap, hip hop and lyrical.  NO BARE LEGS are allowed. This policy is not only for the benefit and health of the dancer and the instructor, but also for modesty.

2. Do we have to participate in the dance recital?
Participation in the recital is optional. If you are in the recital, you may leave after your performance. Participation in  the finale is optional also.

3. How much does the recital cost?
There is a $60 recital fee per family. This includes 4 tickets to the recital and helps to cover the cost of the  auditorium rental, printing of the programs and tickets and the recital sets.

4. How much does a costume cost?
Ages 2.5-3 have a $75 costume fee, ages 3-4y and 4-5y have a costume fee of $75 each or $85 for ballet/tap combo. and ages 5 & up have a costume fee of $85 each.

5. When is the costume fee due?
Costume fees per class & per student are based on age and due before November 10th.

6. When is the recital fee due?
  The recital fee is due February 1st.

7. When is the recital?
Our Recital is always Memorial Day weekend. Times will be announced as soon as they are available.  

8. Where is the recital?
The recital is held at Louisburg College In Louisburg N.C.

9. What do our costumes look like?
The costumes are chosen by the teacher between October and November. You will see a picture of your costume  during parents week in December.

10. When do we get our costumes?
You will receive your costume and all of information needed for picture week, dress rehearsal and the recital during your class. ONLY PARENTS CAN PICK UP THEIR CHILD'S RECITAL COSTUME.

11. I have more than one child that dances, will they be in the same recital?
 Every effort is made to place your children in the same recital or in back to back recitals. However, due to the number  of classes we have it is difficult to make this happen.  Also, we do not allow our youngest students to participate in our late recital which means it is made up of mostly teens and adults.  If your two dancers range in age from  preschool to pre-teen, you will probably be placed in more than one show.

12. Why don't you pro-rate tuition?
Tuition is not discounted for classes missed, nor for holidays or inclement weather. Each class is GUARANTEED 30 CLASSES PER SEASON.  There is no additional charge for five week-months so  that each class  receives the same number of lessons during the year. If you miss a class, we offer make-up classes from September  to March. Tuition is expected to be paid unless official notification is made to the office that a student is dropping a class.

13. Are pictures optional?
Recital pictures are made at the studio the week of TBA. While it is optional, we love to have the entire class   available for their class picture to place on our "wall of fame". You do not have to purchase a picture to be in the class photo.

14. When will we teach the recital dances?
We usually start teaching the recital dances when we return from the holidays in January.

15. What if we change our mind after costumes are ordered, can we still order a costume?
 Unfortunately, no. It is not possible to get a costume in time for the recital after the holidays. The costume companies only make costumes for orders placed so there are no extras.

16. How do you pick the size of the costume you order for my child?
 The costume company sends sample leotards for us to try on your child. We also take your child's measurements and  usually add a couple of inches for growth. After years of ordering costumes, we have found it better to order larger  rather than smaller, as costumes are much easier to take in than to let out.

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