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  1. Ballet
    3-18 years old & ADULT Ballet classes begin by teaching the dancer terminology, basic movements and coordination. Classes at a young age also focus on motor skills and classroom etiquette while using exciting music and props to ensure our dancers are learning and having FUN! Our Ballet program grows with our dancers to become more rigorous while always providing a positive dance environment. Our ballet technique builds strong dancers.
  2. Tap
    3-18 years old & ADULT Our youngest tappers focus on terminology, rhythm, and counting, while building motor skills and classroom etiquette. The Tap program builds off these elements to produce musically and technically savvy tappers. We teach a variety of tap styles so that our dancers are well rounded.
  3. Jazz
    5-18 years old & ADULT From kindergarten on, dancers may explore Jazz. Jazz is a fun and musical form of dance that encourages expression and showmanship. Our Jazz program focuses on strong technical elements while remaining age-appropriate. Well known from the broadway stage, this style has become a mainstay of dance education.
  4. Acro
    5-18 years old Acro focuses on gynastic skills that can be applied to dance. The program works through many skill levels building strength and flexibility. Safety is our number one priority as we add new skills at every age level. We promote safety and a strong understanding of body awareness. See level descriptions below.
  5. Hip Hop
    5-18 years old The Hip Hop program explores coordination, movement, and technique throughout every age level. We promote age-appropriate style and music that allows us to focus on positive messages. Musicality and style is nourished within the classes as our dancers build self-confidence.
  6. Lyrical
    7-18 years old Lyrical focuses on story telling through dance. This style often borrows technical aspects of Jazz and Ballet but has a decidedly free element to it. Our Lyrical program includes aspects of contemporary dance to give our dancers a broad understanding of what Lyrical is and how we use it to emote meaning. To enroll in lyrical, the dancer must have one current year of training in ballet or jazz AND must enroll in a ballet or jazz class in addition to lyrical.
  7. Modern
    Modern dance classes work on a variety of modern styles. Our program explores the range of motion, technique, and musicality that exists within the broad world of modern dance. Modern dance may contain elements of other dance styles but it looks at dance through a different lens.
  8. Pointe
    After significant ballet training, dancers may ask permission to to enter pre-pointe training Approval is based on the dancer's ability, skill level, and health. Our pointe program is taken by dancers that are simultaneously enrolled in regular ballet classes.

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Studio Policies
  1. Jazz
    18 and up! Adult jazz classes are for any adult looking to dance. Dancer may take this class with or without prior dance experience. We encourage a fun and empowering class that teaches proper jazz technique. In this mixed level class we utilize exciting movement and music to dance as healthy active adults.
  2. Tap Beginner/Intermediate
    18 and up! This level I for beginner dancer with or without prior dance experience. The class works through beginner technique, coordination, and patterns that introduce Tap in an open and welcoming environment. Tap is a great low-impact exercise that will teach dance skills and improve overall health and fitness.
  3. Tap Intermediate/Advanced
    18 and up! Tap II is for advanced beginner and up! This is a mixed level class appropriate for those with some dance experience. Tap is a great, low-impact style exercise that will not only improve your dancing but also your overall health and fitness.
  4. Hip Hop
    18 and up! The adult class is a mixed level class for anyone interested in Hip Hop. Dancers with or without prior dance training will enjoy this class. You can expect a fun and welcoming environment where you’ll get a great workout and get moving!

Class Level Descriptions

Ages 2.5-9 years old
- If your dancer is beginner, place them at the top of an age range.
- If your dancer is experienced, place them at the bottom or middle of an age range.
- E next to style means experienced – beginners by permission only

Ages 9-18 years old
We have three levels of 9-18 year old classes. Please call or email the office if you need help determining which level will allow your dancer to be most successful.
Level A Ballet
Single pirouette
Single jumps
Chaine turns w/spot
Pique Turns
Level A Jazz     
Single pirouette
Develope lea
Chaine turns w/spot
Combo of steps
Level A Tap
Shuffle combos flaps and combos  
Level A Lyrical 
Same as ballet/ jazzmust have 1 currentyr of ballet or jazz AND must enroll in ballet or jazz.
L evel A Modern
3 yrs or lessf dance exp
Level 1 Musical Theater
Must have 1 current yr of jazz AND enroll in jazz.
Level B Ballet 
Double pirouettes 
Battu jumps
Chaine w/pique  
Waltz combos 
Ballet leaps   
Level B Jazz 
Double pirouettes  
Variety leap
Chaine leaps     
Turn combos      
Changing directions   
Level A Tap
Double shuffle  
Fast flaps
Level B Lyrical  
Same as ballet/ jazz must have 1 current  yr of ballet or jazz AND must enroll in ballet or jazz.
Level BC Modern
3 yrs or morof dance exp     w/permission.
Level 2 Musical Theater
Must have 1 current yr of jazz AND enroll in jazzE or BC.
L evel C Ballet 
Multiple pirouette combo
Battu jumps sequence 
Traveling turns  
Grande jump sequence
Level C Jazz  
Multiple pirouette combo Switch & variety leaps   Chaine leaps  turn combos   Quick directions      
Level C Tap    
Turns (speed)  
Shiggy bops fast
Timestep combos
Level C Lyrical    
Same as ballet/ jazz must have 1 current   yr of ballet or jazz AND must enroll in ballet or jazz.
Level BC Modern
3 yrs or morof dance exp     w/permission.
Level 3 Musical Theater
Must have 1 current yr of jazz AND enroll in Jazz BC

Acro recommendations are sent by class specifically.  If your dancer is new to acro, please contact the office for help determining placement.

Acro I – Dancers with little or no gymnastics experience. This is for those that have not mastered a cartwheel on the floor with proper technique. They may need a spot to do a good bridge, back bend or handstand on the wall.  Focus will be on the basics. Bridge, cartwheel, various rolls, handstand, back bend and dance.
Acro II – Dancers with some gymnastics/acro experience. Dancer has most of the basics. ie: Can do cartwheel on flat floor, back bend, handstand against wall, bridge kick over or handstand to bridge (use of wedge is ok).  Progressions will lead to various cartwheels, Limbers (front and back), handstand tricks, round offs and more. Some partner tricks and dance acro combinations.
Acro III – Dancers with plenty of experience in gymnastics or acro. Dancer has Walkover and will work toward aerials, handsprings and advanced partner tricks and dance acro combinations.

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