Parent's Night Out

Saturday, December 1st

$25 for first child
$10 for each additional sibling
(2-12 year olds)

This fundraising event is hosted by our Troupe dancers!
All procedes will go to a special cause close to our dancer's hearts.
We'll enjoy games, dacning, and a movie!  Children should wear play clothes to this event.

Parent's Full Name
Childs Name(s) with Age (i.e. Claire-7yo, Emma-8yo)
Other Info
Best phone number during event
(YES/NO) "I am aware that my child will be watching a G rated Christmas movie."
(YES/NO) I am aware that my child will be offered popcorn and water during the movie."
(YES/NO) "I am aware that I must pack NUT-FREE dinner for my child/children."