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Recital Information 2020

Welcome to our recital information hub for 2020.

The Recital Packet is our most important resource for Parent's Week, Picture Week, and Recital.

You can download and print the packet or be guided through it below! At the very bottom of the page are videos from Ms. Traci.  Here, she outlines key points for you to listen in on. When it's time, schedules, order forms, and ticketing will also be found here on this page.

Finally, we are always here to answer your questions.  We want your recital experience to be organized and successful.

Informational Videos
We know the recital packets are quite detailed.  If you need a reminder of what we talked in about in class then check out Ms. Traci's informational videos!
A step-by-step guide to all the important details!

Recital Picture Days

The Recital Packet

Dress Rehearsal Days

Recital Day