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Weekend Workshops

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Fun and educatonal workshops are
just the thing for your mid-year movement! Try something new or explore special topics.  Some options are repeating while others are single special events see each event for particular details like age requirement, ability, and cost.

  1. Managing Director

Pilates Spring Series
Level 1 from 11am-12pm
Level 2 from 12pm-1pm

February 8
March 14
April 4
May 2

Acro 1 & 2
$15 register by Feb 10
Acro 1 & 2 workshop to spend extra time on backbends, bridge kickover, back walkover, and front limber.  All tumblers are welcome but some experience is necessary.

Aerial Clinic
$15 register by Feb 10
Aerial Clinic for tumblers who have accomplished at least a one arm cartwheel.  We will work on all the skills that build and create an aerial.

Open Tumble
$25 register by Feb 10
An open tumble workshop for ADVANCED tumblers registered for Acro 3 or Acro 4.  We will spend time working on any skills
you choose.
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Ballet & Modern

February 28th Workshop
$25 register by Feb 20

March 27th Workshop
$25 register by March 19

April 24th Workshop
$25 register by April 16